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2013 XTS headlight problems and moisture

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I have a 2013 XTS and having issues with the headlights. First, water was getting in and I believe the moisture was taking the bulb out on one side. I finally replaced the bulbs and both were working. After about a week the right side bulb went out, nothing appears to be wrong with it. Now the left side went out and I can’t seem to find out why or what’s wrong. When I unlock the doors where they would jump on it doesn’t. I checked the fuses to see if they burned out but nothing. Does these car have a circuit breaker or some sort when charging the bulbs if they hit against something it knocks them out or could it be the wiring. Please help.
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I replaced both headlights in April of this year (because one went out) on my 13 xts. No issues, except a few weeks back the right front one went out. I check it and discovered the wired plug just dislodged from the socket. It was just dangling there. As soon as I plugged it in, it came back on. No issues with the driver's side one. I am wondering why there isn't a 'click' when you push the wire onto the bulb socket when you install the bulb? It just seems strange to me. I put some gorilla tape (small piece) on the plug and plugged the connecting wire back onto the bulb socket but it came disconnected again two days ago. No issues with the driver's side connection. I put a bit larger piece of tape on the plug again and will see if it comes off again. I put the cover back onto the light assembly so I know no moisture is getting in. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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On my 13 XTS about two months ago pass side head light went out when disassembled to replace found bulb had broken into pieces inside housing fished everything out I could and replaced both sides have been working since but thought that was strange.
On wire coming of where bulbs aftermarket or GM?
They were after market on ebay. brighter bulbs with a slight bluish tint and more lumens that OEM. The plug (that is attatched to the wire from the vehicle to the headlight) just dislodged from the socket. It didn't come off from the wire it just came unplugged from the back of the bulb socket.
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