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2013 XTS headlight problems and moisture

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I have a 2013 XTS and having issues with the headlights. First, water was getting in and I believe the moisture was taking the bulb out on one side. I finally replaced the bulbs and both were working. After about a week the right side bulb went out, nothing appears to be wrong with it. Now the left side went out and I can’t seem to find out why or what’s wrong. When I unlock the doors where they would jump on it doesn’t. I checked the fuses to see if they burned out but nothing. Does these car have a circuit breaker or some sort when charging the bulbs if they hit against something it knocks them out or could it be the wiring. Please help.
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Could be a number of things such as ballast, wiring, bulb or bulb socket, faulty install. Since you had water in the assembly I would suspect a corroded socket or maybe a burned out ballast. Did you touch the HID bulb when installing? If yes, that could cause a premature burn out of the bulb. Maybe some other members will have further suggestions.
When putting the bulb back in, it did hit against the housing and went out. Would this just be needing a new bulb or did it mess up the wiring?
I agree with Excalibur especially if changing yourself wear nitrile gloves and don't touch bulb.
Yes now realize it and for now I can’t drive at night until I figure out how to get it working again. Is it easy to replace the entire headlight assembly?
Thank you all for the help. Actually my ballasts and diodes for the daytime running lights had went out. Before the ballasts went out the light were very dim but at the time I didn’t know that was causing it.
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