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I had a chance to have some extensive conversation with Sales Director/Company Executive Ron Arlkasky from Zoomers exhaust.

I have to say that I was more than impressed after speaking with Ron about the extensive quality, testing and engineering of this exhaust sytem for the CTSV as well as his commitment to bringing to market a true bolt on dyno-proven exhaust product for such a limited production vehicle; that being the CTSV.

I was particularly excited about the balanced H-pipe configuration and venturi/vortex system that is truly unique in exhaust gas scavenging.

In addition, the installation of this mandrel bent system looks to be very clean with regard to its installation along the drive shaft tunnel. The sound clips provide that true muscle car exterior "sound-bite" without disturbing the subdivision neighbors and no sound drone in the interior cabin portion of the vehicle.

I for one look forward to installing one of these Zoomer systems on my own CTSV and congratulate Ron on the development of this unique exhaust system and hope that other V owners will give it the same consideration.

It is rare to find a manufacturer that will make the investment in tool and die and jig equipment to manufacture such a high quality product for such a limited production vehicle.

A cold air intake, a set of high flow after-market pup-cats and this bolt-up Zoomers CTSV exhaust system is more than likely the winning system of the year in terms of adding true "bolt on" rear wheel horsepower.

Congratulations Ron on a fantastic exhaust product for the CTSV and welcome aboard.

And please don't forget my commitment after our conversation to purchase the very first CTSV Zoomer exhaust sytem that is available for sale for my own personal CTSV vehicle as well as our company's desire to represent this product!

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Please post once you have it installed. I may have to swing by and listen, as I'm in MD. I am very happy with my CAI, RT Cats, Corsa combo, but it's always nice to have options, and to hear something new.

If possible, please do a before & a few weeks after dyno run, so we can get some performance numbers.

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