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Your jobb......

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I posted this in the Escalade section for a reason. I was curious what everyone does for a living. Obviously you can afford an Escalade, I was just curious what you do, who you work for, or if you're self employed. Just for fun discussion!!!!!!! :bouncy:
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I work as an administrator in my dads real estate business.

Assiting our agents and selling homes, businesses, lots, etc. worth anywhere from $750K to $10M gets you paid :D
I own a interactive design firm in Northern California that offers cost effective website development and graphic design services.
student... college... law school in 9 months...
Account Executive First American Title Insurance
Mechanical engineer working for a prominent defense contractor
I own a collision & custom wheel/tire/accessory and tail lamp tinting business in New Jersey. We are becoming a Vendor on this forum.
Chief Technology Officer for the Massachusetts/NewEngland real estate MLS.

- T
1 - 20 of 68 Posts
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