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THEY ARE STILL BUILDING BROUGHAMS! 1987 models to be exact... it just seems to be taking a while to complete them. They are currently lowering bodies onto several brand new, late-eighties examples our beloved Broughams! :D The workers seem a little STIFF, though! :suspense: I think part of the problem they're having with completing the cars is that after they finally lower the body to the frame, they raise it again! What a tease!

Head to the Detroit Historical Museum to see 'em! This is an active exhibit which demonstrates how millions of vehicle bodies met their chassis. The hoist lowers a blue Brougham onto a frame for the public to see. They run the exhibit many times a day! This would be something to see... maybe someone here already has? Either way, I've gotta go see this. Here's a link:

And don't anyone think about stealing that 100% brand new set of Cadillac wire wheels that havn't even rolled off the assembly line! :tisk: They're even wrapped in the original Royal Seal, gold strip tires. :drool:

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Check out this individual's webbshots album for some really nice pics, featuring those beautiful wheels! These Cadillacs never got to see the road... I hope this exhibit protects this interesting sight for many years to come.

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That sucks, I was just in Detroit. Why couldn't you have posted this sooner?! :rant2:
Yeah, I think someone posted some pics of these here before. Totally awesome, I'd love to go see this.
That red one is killing me. I had the same year/color combo but with the d'elegance package. Everyday I wonder why I sold it. Now it's in town with 22's on it.
I need to go steal me some wheels. :)
I'm about to steal some wheels too.....
it would be awesome if they built more and started selling them. I would buy one, and I bet many others would.
And I was looking for something to do this Wednesday with my 9 y.o son (football camp ends Tuesday) so we need to kill some time for him until his next camp starts next week. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have lived less than 1.5 hours away for 15 years and have never heard of this before. :thumbsup:
Yah, if Detroit wants to start selling cars again...maybe bodies like this with better fuel technology...
Hi Guys,
I am new to the forum. I have inherited a 1984 Sedan Deville from my dad - it only has 34,000 miles on it. I am wanting to put some new wheels on the car (the original tires have flat spots that will not go away), but can't find any information for the bolt pattern and offset that the new wheels would require. Does anybody have this information to pass along?
If you hold out, maybe GM will sell them someday when they need the $$......

You can always hope they saved enough parts to complete the cars too!

So would they be 1987 Model Year or the year the cars "rolled off the assy line"?
Yah, if Detroit wants to start selling cars again...maybe bodies like this with better fuel technology...
That`s right! Many would buy them for sure!
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