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Who manifactures the Best Oil Filter?

You Tubed Out... Best Oil Filter....

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After watching many YouTube videos on various Oil Filters taken apart :bonkers:, WIX seems to be one of the top made filters out there. All you DIY fans, who wins your vote and why?

Found this link.....

To make the voting a bit easier, lets say everyone is at least changing the Filter once a year or sooner according to the owners manual specs..
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In the time of pre-internet, I used to use Fram filters exclusively. But after I saw the comparison that showed how bad Frams were, I switched to AC-Delco (which was highly rated.........~15 years ago). When I couldn't find an AC-Delco filter for my application, I chose Wix or Purolator. IMO, the K&N, Bosch and Royal Purple type filters are over-rated and over-priced and are relying on brand-association to sell the product (although I still think K&N's air filters are superb). While I have not attempted to keep current w/ the current production units of the various brands (or the now numerous "reviews" of them), I'm sticking primarily w/ AC-Delco (although I now use Wix for my Olds since its really hard to obtain AC-Delcos for that for some reason....nothing like feeling abandoned by the mothership).
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To sum it up, it looks like the best constructed filter will have: 1.Many Pleats, 2. A Physical Spring for the Bypass and holding the filter together ( Not just a piece of metal with a plastic holder. 3. Metal Ends holding the filter medium togeather ( Not Paper like Fram ) 4. Spiral Inner Core to assist flow....

Thanks for the feedback JohnnyBzSRX!
WIX was owned by Dana Controls until a few years ago when Charlie Dana sold the assembly plants and name to Affinia Corp.. Affinia now markets 3 filters that all are essentially WIX filters/clones. PartsMaster, WIX and a series of HD WIX filters. AMSOIL sources their filters from Affinia - same as many other name brand filters are all made by the same company in the same plant - one brand gets them white with decals, one company gets them blue with decals, one company gets them black with decals. K&N is overpriced/overhyped, made by Champion Labs, I believe. AMSOIL and its (retired USAF fighter pilot) owner are damned particular about lubrication and reliability which may say something about why they source their oil filters from WIX.

I run WIX exclusively in the car and trucks and Fram HP-2 filters in my Olds 455 marine engine conversions. (I would not run a "stock" or Tough Guard Fram in a blown up Briggs & Stratton lawn mower)(That Fram HP2 holds a full quart of oil............)


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Thanks for the feedback, the links are great, especially the breakout construction... WIX is still winning...
Wix ftw. Also I think AC Delco sources their filters from Wix. Not 100% confirmed on that. A few years ago they did for sure.
To the best of my knowledge, WIX has never been a source supplier for AC Delco. If you look at the tapping plate and the guts of several AC Delco filters - over the years - you'll see that they came from Champion Labs in one form or another. At the height of my marine engine business we cut apart a LOT of oil filters to check the media for metal flakes and chips - WIX filters stand out due to their construction.

Study the links in Post #4
Yea, but two years ago we got Wix and ACDelco filters from a NAPA in Minot ND. When we got home, we compared them (even for part #'s and history) and they both came back to be manufactured by Wix. :confused:
Just ordered some WIX XP filters. $9- ea. Interesting that the exact came filter that is used on the 3.0 SRX is used on the Escalade 6.2 ..... :yup:
What is the ftw for after Wix?
What is the ftw for after Wix?
texting slangese acronym: For The Win.

Part of the decline of the English language into "texbonics".

In the same vein as lmao, lol, obtw, fwiw, srsly, and so on and on.
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Thanks "FTW", my daughter was wondering why you said FTworld.... Go figure..... Next generation....
Walmart Oil 5 Quart Mobil 1 Synthetic Only $26- No Mail in rebate.... $10- cheaper then Pepboys, AutoZone, NAPPA.... Great price....
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