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This event is shaping up to be the "Go To" Cadillac event of the year!!

Our blog has had hits from more than 14 different countries!!
Here's a little background info:
Henry M. Leland, inventor of both the Cadillac and Lincoln cars, is a native son of our fair town, Barton, VT. His family had a farm here for many years before they moved to MA. Many decendents are still living in the area.

The Orleans County Fair Association has a formal "Record Attempt Agreement" with Guinness for an attempt to break the existing record: A total of 102 Cadillac cars participated in a parade at the Cadillac Oldtimer Festival held in Leimuiderbrug, the Netherlands, on 18 August 2002.

Henry M. Leland was a remarkable man who made many significant contributions to this country, from the invention of the electric barber clippers to engines for airplanes during WW1. It is our hope to honor his memory and bring this record home to the United States, home to Vermont, back to the childhood home of Henry M. Leland, the Cadillac's inventor!

This record breaking event will be part of our Orleans County Fair held August 17th through the 21st. The Cadillac Parade Record Breaking Event be on Wednesday the 17th, as our fair opener.

Here's a link to the Newport Daily Express Story:

The Cars of Yesteryear Club is working with us to conduct a Cadillac Car Show on the fairgrounds, following the parade event.

If you're a car enthusiast you don't want to miss this history making Cadillac event!

Pre-registration froms available soon at:
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