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I just got done replacing the alternator, skipping alot of FSM steps and cutting corners from Youtube videos.
Like you don't need top remove bumper, radiator/condensor coil, or even the wheels, etc...

Here are the basic steps
1) drive car up onto a ramp and DISCONNECT BATTERY
2) remove top and bottom splash shields
3) remove the front grill. There are 4 retainer clips and then you can use a screw driver to pop out the grill one tab at a time. There are about 8 of them starting on one side and work you way across the bottom pulling the grill forward a bit at a time.
4) remove 2 radiator brackets that fasten to the top of the support bar.
5) remove hood latch bracket ( there are a total of 8 bolts). You'll have to pry the top part over the radiator support and let it hang over the front of the condenser coil.
6) remove air intake on driver side ( this is so you can remove the bolts on the driver side of radiator support).
7) remove radiator support bar. 2 large bolts on each side.
8) remove screw with torx bit on passenger side of radiator that is holding the bracket for the freon line.
9) drain 1/4 coolant out and disconnect TOP radiator hose on passenger side only.
10) remove top transmission line on top driver side of radiator.
11) remove 2 screws on fan shroud ( one on each side), remove screw from transmission line bracket on driver side.
12) remove clip in top center of fan shroud. There is another one in the center at the bottom.
13) disconnect fan connectors and remove fan shroud.
14) remove top engine mount on passenger side (2 bolts) - you will have to loosen up the coolant container to remove the engine mount from the back side.
15 Remove the bracket that fasten to the top front side of the engine that the top engine mount was attached to ( I think there are 3 bolts and a bracket bolt). This is so you can get to one of the bolts on the alternator easier.
16) lean radiator and condenser forward.
17) remove serpentine belt and remove alternator ( 3 bolts, 1 connector, and 1 ground wire)

This job took me about 5 hours because I had trouble accessing bolts, etc... but if I had to do this again. I bet I can do it in 3.5 - 4 hours.
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