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"y" vin & "9" vin

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Quick question i have my "9" VIN ik it makes 300 hp and the "Y" makes 275hp but is the Brake HP(Flywheel) or Wheel Hp. Looked on the forum online and all it siad was the Number not if it was Brake HP, Or WHP.


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Damit!!!! i would have been so much more excited if my "9" Vin had 300Hp to the wheels =-( im so sad now.
Well said ranger! but come on lets be honest how cool would it be to have a 300 Wheel horse power dts. Well mabe when my engine dies in about 150k miles ill rebuild it and make my own version of the DTS-V hahahahah !!!!!!!! Thanks again ranger!!!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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