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XTS 175,000 miles is it worth buying for $16k

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In the market for a new car. I thought I had an sts lined up but it was the old bait and switch at the stealership.

Found an XTS with 175k miles on for 16k. every options luxury package. current owner was a limo driver and 2nd owner. the car looks supper clean. doesn't even look like there is 175k miles on the drivers seat...

Would this be a good buy....
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What year is it? Typically I would stay away from the first year release of any product, especially cars. So if it's a 2012, I would pass since the XTS went into production in 2012.
take it to an experienced mechanic, asses the damage (suspension wear for example) let him give you an idea what's probably near it's end of life.
Also give the engine a compression and leakdown test.
Get a dealership maintenance report and vehicle history report (Autocheck or Carfax)
Also is it an AWD XTS or not? If it is then that's more things to watch out for, diffs and son and so forth.

Otherwise can't go wrong with a 2008+ STS RWD and I say 2008+ because you don't want an LY7 oil burner like mine.
What year is it? Typically I would stay away from the first year release of any product, especially cars. So if it's a 2012, I would pass since the XTS went into production in 2012.
There was a 2012 XTS?
175,000 miles on an XTS???? Must have run around the clock, something is not right.
Its definitely a VERY high mileage car (way over 50k a year) The seat would be the least of my concerns but nice to know they hold up.

At the very least, I'd have it checked out thoroughly by a SOLID mechanic!

Although the early production models were made in 2012, they are all considered 2013 models.
It says its a 2013.... rear wheel drive xts.... The leak down and compression test is a great idea but I don't think he's going to let me tinker with that indepth. He may let me go to a dealer to have it put on a rack for inspection...

He was a limo driver he got the car at 60k miles the person before him was also a limo driver... It might have 175k miles on it but might also have another 1000 hours of idle time as he was waiting for pick ups.

Compression test is a great idea and to have the steering and suspension checked out but again I don't think he's going to allow me the time to check the cylinder compression.

Its on craigslist in Chicago...
Just as an FYI, the XTS is not RWD (FWD or AWD only) If he wants to sell you the car, he should allow you to run as many tests as you want!!!
Get the Carfax and ask for the service history. Or get the VIN and ask a dealer to pull up the service and recall history.

If you do not have a complete service history with regular oil changes and air/oil/filters, I would get a little nervous. The car should have had at least one spark plug change, and it is due for another. It also needs a coolant change. Pull the engine oil dipstick and transmission dipsticks and see how dirty they look. Any creamy stuff is water and should be a big concern. Look down the oil filler hole and see how sludgy it looks.

If you have to pay a Cadillac dealer $100 for a comprehensive inspection, it could be the best $100 spent. Even a 30-point inspection would be of value.

Do you have emissions testing in your area? Will it pass?
I wouldn't pay over $2300. for any car with 175,000. miles on it.
Well, I don't know what it's worth exactly, but 175,000 miles is a lot of miles. Probably reaching the point where you'll be putting money into it every month. If it was me, I'd pass. Look for something with less mileage. My 2 cents.
Still trying to wrap my head around this mileage, Figuring it may have been in service for 28 months, give or take a month or two. It would have to run on average 220 miles a day, each and every day, 7 days a week. Averaging 23mpg it has burned over 7,600 gallons of gas. Oil should have been changed at least once a month, 168 quarts.
I'm sure this car paid for itself, and then some. KBB values run between 11 and 15 grand depending on condition(thats on a luxury version). If you want it, and service records are legit , offer him 12 and give him your #, he'll call after a while.
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