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My dashboard light and internal lights just went off after rain leaked from the sunroof. Test all fuse and there's power in all of them. Battery is fully charged.
1.The push to start light won't turn on.
2. Internal lights won't turn on
3. The gear shifter lights is flickering and turns off eventually
4. Only the infotainment radio turn on.

After I disconnect the negative battery for almost 12-24hrs and drain the power in the capacitors. The lights turns on and reset everything in car. Eventually the lights turns on, the gear knob lights are flickering. the push to start light comes on. and I start the car. after I start the car.
1. the push to start button lights turns off
2. the gear knob light turns off
3. dashboard lights are on but none of gauges are responding.
4. you hear a clicking noise from the engine fuse box and it's coming from the start relay.
5. the only way to turn the engine of is to pull the starter and crunk relay from the fuse box.

On the regular when you open the door there's no chime tone, dashboard lights won't turn on, radio button(the touch sensor) lights turn on and eventually turns off.
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