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XM Radio Is Having Problems

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I noticed a problem with XM radio reception starting about 11:00 EST this morning. It was very annoying and I thought it might be a problem with my car's XM head unit or an antenna issue. The XM signal was dropping out and coming back even though there were no obstructions to satellite line of sight. The signal would be lost completely and show "No Signal" on the LCD screen.

So, I was about to call the dealer to have them trouble-shoot the problem. Just for the heck of it, I went to the XM website and it seems they are having issues. Here's a link to what they are saying about the issue. They say they are working on the fix and hope to have it resolved by tomorrow morning. I just thought I'd post this in case anyone else was wondering about poor reception with XM.

Here's the link

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Thanks for the info I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with my radio.
I noticed the reception wasn't that good but since it happened to a friend I assumed it was the service and not the car.

I wonder if we can get a refund for the days of the bad reception. Lets see... $12 divided by 30 days, I want my 0.40 back!

I'm kidding of course, I hope they get it resolved tomorrow but not the end of the world if they don't. Still have the CD changer!

Thank you for checking into this.
Thanks for the post, I thought my Ipod unit fried the xm reciever!!! Thanks again

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Haha...I talked to my tech this morning to have him check my antenna connection, and he told me he's having the same problem in his car. Then I saw this thread, so I guess it's not me or my car.


(Oh, and Holmes- LOL at your user title :histeric:)
I just had my unit replaced last week and noticed this problem yesterday so I I stopped by the dealership and scheduled them to look at it today.

You've saved me a trip. Thanks!
XM blew out a satellite fault of your radio.

The problem with XM is with the service not with the receivers. I have three XM radios and all were exhibiting the same "No Signal" problem. Knowing that the problem was not in the hardware, I called XM and was informed of a system wide problem that should be corrected shortly. This morning I initially had no XM stations in the garage, but by the time I traveled the 10 miles to work everything seemed to be back to normal.
I was wondering about this as well. Thanks for pointing it out TampaV.
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