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Next week I will install XM direct hardware in my 04 SRX (v8, BOSE, no Nav, sunroof {not ultra}). I have an appt with the dealership (Lindsay, in Northern VA, with whom I have been very pleased) on the 11th to reflash the radio so that it will show XM.

I've removed the dash centerstack (vents, radio, and HVAC control) while I wait for the radio to arrive, and surveyed the space available. Looks tight, depending on actual size and form factor of XM components (tuner & receiver). And I'm not sure how long the cabling that comes with the package will be.

I've scanned prior posts and it looks like this type of installation has been done before by plenty of people. But I've not seen any information on installation tips. Does anyone have advice on where or how to securely mount the components, especially antenna routing and placement?

Thanks in advance.
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