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Xlr Nav System And Grill Questions

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Navs 1st ,My new 04 xlr has the stock system and is there an upgrade disc? Or is that sufficent?
I know you can get the mesh grills which are way hotter than the stock ones but can you purchase a plain mesh grill with no logo? Thx Jim
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You can check the GM Nav Disc center to see if there is an update available for your nav DVD.

Not sure about the grille, go to the vendor forum, look for Lindsay Cadillac and start topic and ask Luke the question again. He can look into it for you.
There are updates every year to the Nav disc but I'm not sure I would upgrade every year. A friend with an 06 gave me his original one for my 05 when he got an 07 upgrade but there are still roads in the area that are two years old that do not show up. POI's may update better on each cycle. I already passed my 05 disc to another 04 owner but you may find someone who upgrades in the future that is willing to pass their old disc on to you to avoid the expense.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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