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ZX_man said:
I installed the xenonfactory 5000K HID kit (9006 low beam) this past weekend in my girlfriends 02 EXT. She just purchased the EXT 2 weeks ago, and it had the tell tale sign of hazy headlights. Once the dealer replaced them (under warranty) I installed the HID kit. All I can say is WOW. Huge difference. Almost looks like I have candles in my 02 housings!! LOL. As soon as I’m done with the Eradispeed +2 rotor install on mine, I’ll get some side by side pics of our trucks at night so you can see the difference. I would recommend the kit to anyone thinking about buying one. Very easy to install, the hardest part was figuring out where to mount the ballasts. I did have to adjust the headlamps down on the driverside, and slightly right on the passenger side. She likes them so much that she is splitting the cost for a set for my Lade. :)


Pics ... oh and how did you talk the dealer into the new headlights?
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