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I just got a promotion email from UUC., and I had to laugh hard.
This is the perfect sales pitch" :highfive:
If your experience with the holidays is anything like mine, then you have already dealt with the useless and silly presents that everyone buys for "the car guy"... the ties or pajamas with classic roadsters on them, the 1:18 Ferrari model (not the good brand model, and not the right Ferrari either), the tacky plastic cup holder set or K-Mart tool kit in the cutesy plastic box. All the gifts that the well-meaning folks in your life think that you will really like... but you hate.
And heaven forbid you do anything but smile, thank them, and make sure they see you use it once before pitching it into a dumpster! And what happens if that smile isn't big enough? You hear that classic holiday fight-starter, the wet blanket on the whole day...
"Next year, you can just buy your own damn present!"
With that in mind, it makes perfect sense for us to have...
The UUC Motorwerks
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