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Anyone here experience anything like whats detailed on that website? Apparently it was a big problem with the motors after 1999, but moreso up to 2002's than after from what that site says.

Reason I ask is lately when Ive pulled in to drive thrus and sat there idling, Ive noticed that the engine "tap" seems a little louder than it should... it may be me going crazy but Im not sure. I know all these big trucks always have a little bit of a tap/thump on the compression or exhaust stroke (not the dieseling noise like what seems to be detailed on that site). Just wondering if others have noticed the light tap sound when up against a wall... If I accelerate it goes away pretty much. Might just be noticing it more for some reason.

Ive got 48k on the 03 right now.
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I have heard it on many late 90's and early 2000 trucks, have not heard much more about it the last few years
I've had an '01 GMC with the 6.0L since it was new. It always sounded like this. You'd swear it was going to come apart with all of that tackety-tack-tacktac-a-tackety-tacka coming apart kind of noise. I now have 106k miles on it after pulling heavy campers, snowmobile trailers, horse trailers and other max GVWR loads at sometimes 5k RPM for miles at a time at 8-10k ft above sea level and it still runs like a top. This is not something to worry about, just ride that thing like was stolen.
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