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Need to buy 4 new white wall tires size 225/70/15 or 215/70/15. I'm looking for comfort and low noise, not that much traction, and tread wear is not important as, at 64 years old, I drive only 3K a year and rarely in rain or snow on Long Island, NY.
Can anyone tell me how good Vogue tires are? My correct tire size is 225 but can only find a few white walls in that size. I read that Dunlop SP 60 in that size are quite noisy though very good, while Goodyear Integrity has problems. Pirelli P3000M seems good but I think their WW is a stripe. If I go to 215s (not my correct size but acceptable) there are more white walls such as Tiger Paws (AWP II, Touring, AS-6000 and Freedom)
I really want to go with 225s but can't find any reviews on Vogue and fear the Dunlp SP 60s will be too noisy. I do not want to get into Japaness names such as Yokohama or Kumho Solus though I wish Michelin still made WW and not just a stripe.
Any help would be greatly apprechiated, especially regarding Vogue and the SP 60. Thanks, :worship: Wally
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