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WTB: Hawk Pads, Magnaflow Exhaust, Stock V wheels, BMR Pinion support..

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Just like the title says! Hope I have this in the right place on the boards!

Let me know what you got!

Everything could be used except for the pads!

:bouncy: :bouncy:
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Brand new pinion support.

Will have four factory rims for sale when I get my other rims.

Make me an offer.
PM Sent!

Also, I guess I really only need 1 rim as of right now. Sorry for putting "wheels" up there :D But I would consider more than one if the price is right.
Got the BMR pinion brace... I think I might have the wheel situation worked out..

Still looking for the pads and exhaust.

Got the pads and the BMR support...

Looking for 1 wheel and a Magnaflow or B&B exhaust!!!
dude magnaflow on ebay for $559. I dont know if its still there but check.
Got the pads and the BMR support...

Looking for 1 wheel and a Magnaflow or B&B exhaust!!!
i just bought the magnaflow yesterday for $590 shipped from

when u go there, the price listed will be high, but when you add it to your cart it adjusts automatically to ~$590...check it out.
Yeah, I'm up in the air between the Magnaflow and the B&B.. If I can get a good price on the B&B, I'd much rather go that route. I've been watching the Magnaflow on ebay and it had a few days left before it's up.. I might have a possible purchase on a B&B now though :D :D
Thanks for the heads-up!
there is probably a $600 difference in price right? is that money well spent or can you put that $600 toward high flow cats, cutouts or headers??

Just my .02 for what it is worth.
No, not on a used system. It'll be maybe a $100-200 difference for the B&B to the new magnaflow.
these magnaflow are new for under $600. The B&B is like $1200 isn't it? And I have heard that if you plan on heaving modding go with B&B but if not magnaflow is the best bang for the buck.
Very ture. The B&B is $1200 new, so its kind of one in the same. Getting a used $1200 exhaust for half price or a new exhaust that is originally just $600... I don't really plan on doing much to the car, but ehhh. Really can't go wrong w/ the 3in' pipe.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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