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WTB: Anyone have an exhaust for sale Corsa, BB, etc?

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If you have an exhaust for or other please pm me or post how much your asking shipped, I may take it off your hands.
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04CTSVFLA said:
Bro, you posted your initial post 30mins ago......relax...............
I found this very interesting. I was doing a little research and stumbled across this:

Q: It seems as though 3" exhaust is the popular choice these days. Is there any disadvantages? A: Yes! A stock horsepower car with 3" exhaust can lose noticeable low end torque and affect performance. Also, 3" pipe usually requires increased installation precision because of limited clearance issues. As a general rule, cars with less then 450hp should use 2.5" exhaust. Cars in the 450hp range could potentially benefit by a 3" crossover and still keeping 2.5" tails. Cars with 500hp + should utilize 3" or even larger tube size.

The entire thread is found here:


What pipe size should I use for a street application?
In general, the following guidelines should be applied for street applications.

2" tubing -- up to 100 hp per pipe

2.25" tubing -- up to 160 hp per pipe

2.5" tubing -- up to 200 hp per pipe

3" tubing -- up to 300 hp per pipe

Just something I thought some might find interesting. :D
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2.5 up to 200 pp = 400hp so we are right on the border, unless the numbers are to the wheels, id suggest the 3inch.If they are two the wheels, 2.5"!
ive gotten a response via a pm for someone who has a bb but they havent responded back. I dont remember who it was mb danctsv?
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