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Wrecked my bike!!!!!

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I knew it would happen, that's why I bought an older bike. :cycle: It's funny cause last night I decided it was time to buy a new bike and I thought "Wow, I made it through my first bike without wrecking it". So today I go down my favorite curvy road that I know like the back of my hand( Nieman south of 75th st. if your from KC), I've played on it ever sence I turned 16. In my Miata I average 65 around the curves and about the same on my 91 Suzuki Katana 600F. Anyways I have a had a buddy that had never gone down the road before, so I told him to follow me on his bike. He's alot more experianced than I and has a much better bike, so I figured he'd be on my ass. We go down the road and I went real fast, I think I did a personal best but had no time to watch the speedo. Got to the end of the 2 mile road and had to wait for a good min. for my buddy, I thought he wiped out. But he didn't know the road so I didn't give him any crap. He said he wanted to go back the other way so we turned around. I took the hell off, 2nd corner the :fan: . I took the left and leaned to far for my tires. I knew I was about to meet asphault, so I leaned back up and went straight for the curb and grabed the brakes. Right as I hit at about 50mph, I jumped into the grass. Luckly for me the grass on that side was 3 to 4 feet tall. I did about 4 or 5 flips and stopped a few feet short of the creek. I laid there thinking of what my bike would look like when I got back to the street as I moved everthing to make sure nothing was broken. Luckly everthing felt good so I hopped up and ran up to the street. My bike had slid about 50 feet down the curb grinding the fairings and exaust the hole way. I was happy cause I figured it would've flipped and landed in the grass mabey even in the creek. When my buddy figured out I was okay he started to give me shit. The bike was flooded so it took a min. to start. Then we took off before the cops got there, luckly the bike drove fine nothing mechanical got damaged. We went up the street to Backyard Burger where one of my girlfriends works to let my adreniline go back to normal and check myself out and the bike. I just had a bad scratch on my arm and a few small ones on my back. My bike on the other hand lost a mirror, all 3 side fairings are scratched deep, so deep in places to where there are holes down to where it scratched the frame under it. And my Vance&Hines $400 performance exaust was scratched baaadddd and my battery leaked acid on it too. I over all was very lucky and am happy to be alive and it taught me a leason. Sorry so long but I had to tell my story to someone and both my cycle forms are be repaired right now. Thanks for your time.
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Unforunatly I won't get the money I needed to buy another one with the condition it's in now. So it'll take a few more months to get enough to buy a newer one. I think I'll get a 2000 Suzuki GSXR 750.
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