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Hi guys!

In addition to so many little issues with this early-build 2008 CTS, I have had the following four issues happen to me.

Unfortunately, they all occured only once or maybe twice. The dealer tried reprogramming something or other, but it hasn't solved the problem.

Everything is intermittent, so the dealer hasn't found anything wrong. It's rather annoying. I've had my 04 CTS for four years, with NONE of these problems.

Now I've had my 08 for a month, and below are some problems. If anyone can share some ideas or insight with me, perhaps I could lead the dealer in the right direction. I wish I could say, "ah well.. it's a complex machine... these things are normal!" but I can't do that, because I never had any such issues with my 04!

Here are the issues:

Electrical Problem in center console lights
This happened one time.
I turned on the car at night, and NO center console dial and indicator lights would work. It was perfectly black. Even the radio display was not working. I pulled over, stopped engine. When I restarted, it was fine.

Cruise control did not work
I turned it on, press SET, and nothing.
I tried again, nothing.
I turned off Cruise power, turned it back on, pressed SET and the other button. Nothing.
Waited a bit. Slowed down; sped up; tried again, and finally, “CRUISE SET TO 110 KM/H”.

Took three times to turnover engine
Started car on evening of June 9th and car did not start.
Starter cranked for about 4 seconds; then stopped.
Did it again, did not start. On third time, it started.
Car was indoors all day. Three hours later, same issue.
It cranked the first time, no luck. Second time, it started.
Has not occurred since. This is not a battery issue... cranking was very powerful.
It is as if no fuel reaching the engine.

Passenger mirror defective
For three weeks, the mirror did not move left or right. For the first time it moved two weeks ago. Intermittently, mirror does not return to regular position after Park Assist in reverse.
When moved down in reverse, mirror starts/stops/start/stops and ends up at various positions. Mirror sometimes goes VERY VERY low in Park Assist, other times, it’s okay, and other times, it points to the sky. While merging off the highway I noticed it was pointing at the ground.

So, there you have it!

- Center console lights dead

- Cruise control did not work
- Took three times to turnover engine
- Passenger mirror does dumb things

I experienced these all within the first month of ownership.

For all four things, the dealer says no problems found, and no codes were thrown. They make me feel like I am nuts (not realizing, I guess that we also have a Jeep TJ, a Trans Am, and a 2004 CTS with no such complaints..)

Thoughts/ideas/experiences are welcome and appreciated, as always!

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When I purchased my CTS some of the interior lights didn't work. Turned out to be a factory screw holding the driver visor in place was run through the wire shorting it out. That works now, but now I have another problem. The driver memory seat is intermitant retract and return and when it acts up I can't move it unless I get out of the car and lock it to reset it. It was supposed to be a pinched wire under the seat, worked a few days and is acting up again. Since they worked this another new issue (intermitant front passenger window) sometimes won't open, sometimes does. I'm hoping it's related, but I have had the car in the shop every month since I purchased it in Dec 08. All issues were electircal related and frustrating. Otherwise, no other issues.
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