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Would you do it again?

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Hi! I'm new to this forum as of today. I'm about to pull the trigger on a 2009 cts awd di with all the options. My question if you were able to do it all over again, would you still purchase the cts?
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Yes, I would. I love my CTS!
in a heartbeat. i would get white instead of black tho!
Its a great car. I do miss having a V8. If the CTS-V had AWD then I would say get the V. I wanted a daily driver for all seasons.
My question if you were able to do it all over again, would you still purchase the cts?
In a New York minute.
I have my CTS since August 08. I never loved a car in my life as much.
in a heartbeat. i would get white instead of black tho!
so would i get a white instead of the black just wished they would do the full glass roof top on the outside like the Mercedes and Maxima
Definitely NOT.

You can read my whole sob story here:

After owning a new '05 CTS that required a total engine replacement at 8,000 miles and a new '08 waiting on "national back order due to high demand" of parts for timing chains replacement at 14,000 miles. I am done.

In a heartbeat! ...Even if this car told me "F! Off and Die! I hate you! I stuck your toothbrush in the toilet and watched you use it!"...

...I would clone her and fall in love with her all over again. Truly the best car Ive ever owned.
I have only put 500 miles on it but yes, i would!
I have ~3k miles on my black '09 AWD DI (all options - except sunroof). I only (sometimes) regret not going for the crystal red tintcoat (black is a b!tch to keep clean) and, as another poster said, if the V had been available in AWD, I'd be tempted in that direction.

This is my 3rd new Cadillac (we also had an '04 SRX and currently have an '08 SRX) and absolutely love where the brand is going. I already have my eye on a CTS wagon as a potential replacement to the SRX - but that's a few years off just yet.
Yes, 2008 Crystal Red, definitely get the DI engine it is great. I did not get the Navigation system due to Onstar. Like onstar but nav has advantages as well. I would consider a Nav. Get the performance pkg. It's great. F2 suspension is perfect for city and hwy.
No. The power and refinement can't yet equal the finer German makes, and the interior fit and finish is hit-or-miss. Lots of rattles developing, especially compared to my roommate's 3 series with identical miles. GM still can't do an interior.

Trust me on this...get in the CTS you're considering buying and take a finger and give a good firm press on the silver bezel of the radio stack. Then push laterally on the center console next to your leg. Those creaks and plastic grinding sounds will only get worse. Press on the chrome rings around the instruments. See if they creak.

The worst part of all, though, has been the Cadillac dealer experience. It's just awful. Look hi and low on this forum and you'll find more stories like this.

I can only speak for myself, but there are plenty of dissatisfied owners on here. I'm sure someone will come in and say we're whiners and naysayers and such, but those are the people who have been fortunate and have no problems. Maybe you won't have any. Maybe you will. I would look at some independent reliability studies for the CTS. So far, Consumer Reports has dubbed the car "less reliable" than average.

Buy what you like and I certainly hope you are happy with it. From my standpoint, after saving for 15 months in Iraq to buy this dream car, I have been sorely disappointed in the fit, finish, quality, and ownership experience.
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I love my CTS. It's the best car I've ever owned.
Absolutely I would do it again, I think the only thing I might do differently would be to get the frost white. I do love the Black Cherry because there are not a lot of them out there but it is a pain in the butt to keep clean.

Absolutely. I thought long and hard about buying the CTS or a Corvette and considered an Audi and a BMW. I ultimately chose the CTS w/ FE3 & DI as the best of my options for the price, performance and features and don't regret the decision one bit. My only regret is the wagon wasn't available when I was ready to buy.

The car is tight and quiet, handles great, has good power and I'm getting better than expected mileage (the fact it runs on regular fuel is a BIG plus to me as well), and is certainly one of the best looking sedans on the road.

While I understand many have had problems with their CTS's on this forum, but w/ almost 19K miles on my car the only problem I had was the shimmy due to out of balance wheels - which was easily fixed.
Without any doubt what so ever. I have had mine since July 2nd, 2008 and love it!!! I look forward to driving it every day. I had a 2005 Toyota Avalon Ltd that essentially died on my just after the warranty was up. It would start only when IT wanted to do so and no dealer could find the problem. In reality, I was swayed by all of the goodies and the low price for the "luxury". Or as my wife likes to say, I got a case of the "CHEAPS" and regretted it almost from the day I got the car. I LOVE THE CTS. I hope you have already brought one home.
in a heartbeat. i would get white instead of black tho!
I think I would also do this.
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