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Would not move in Drive

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I just ran into the problem, that sometimes when I put the car in D and push gas - that car would not move. It acts as if it was in neutral. Now if I wait for like 5-6 seconds and slowly push gas it would start going and the problem goes away. Did anyone experience anything like this? Would this be a problem with a valve-body?
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Does this happen only when the car is cold or all the time? The reason I ask is that this is a typical problem when cold. When I queried Cadillac they said it is a safety factor (for the tranny) when the fluid is cold. Mine would work if I put it into reverse first and then into drive.
Ahh - now it makes sense! Yes it only happens when it is cold.
Mine does the same thing when I back out in the mornings. I have to engage the sport stick then put it back into drive and it takes right off.
I have the same problem when shifting from reverse to drive on a cold start. Dealership says the transmission is working fine and can find nothing wrong.
Here is what Cadillac says about the problem. Road test the vehicle following the steps below until the vehicle engine and transmission temperatures are at normal operating temperatures. This is approximately 10 miles of driving.

1) Bring the vehicle to a complete stop
2)Place the shift lever in neutral and wait 5 seconds
3)Place the shift lever in drive. A delayed engagement of approximately one second will occur. This is normal
4)Drive the vehicle for a distance of not less than a tenth of a mile
5)Bring the vehicle to a complete stop
6)Place the shift lever in neutral and wait 5 seconds
7)Place the shift lever in reverse. A delay will occur (as above in drive) this is normal
8)Place the shift lever in neutral and wait 5 seconds then place selector in drive.

If it takes longer than 2 seconds to engage check forward clutch piston seals...forward accumulator piston and seal....low and reverse input clutch piston and seal....stator shaft to reverse input drum seals.

Bulletin #03-07-30-007C (12/19/2006)
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