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Won't start after fueling or oil change.

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On my 08 CTS last time I got an oil change it the car sounded like it wanted to start but wouldn't. It took about 6 attempts to get it to work. The next three time I've fueled up the same thing happens. And this isn't on an empty tank, I never let it run very low. After fueling it doesn't want to start. Will take 3 or 4 tries and a pump of the gas pedal to get it running.
Once it starts it seems that it doesn't do this again until the next fuel up. I think maybe its the evaporator purge valve? The check engine light is on as well.
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I don't have a code reader, and after doing my web research I was pretty sure it was the purge valve. Aside from not wanting to start upon refueling it also started to buck a bit when trying to accelerate a bit hard.
Got the part on Amazon for $30. Took about 45 minutes to install. Fueled up, no miss-starts. give'er down the road, no bucking. All is great again.
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