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Won't start after fueling or oil change.

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On my 08 CTS last time I got an oil change it the car sounded like it wanted to start but wouldn't. It took about 6 attempts to get it to work. The next three time I've fueled up the same thing happens. And this isn't on an empty tank, I never let it run very low. After fueling it doesn't want to start. Will take 3 or 4 tries and a pump of the gas pedal to get it running.
Once it starts it seems that it doesn't do this again until the next fuel up. I think maybe its the evaporator purge valve? The check engine light is on as well.
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The DTC (diagnostic trouble code) will tell you exactly what is wrong 9 out of 10 times. I strongly suggest that you invest in a OBD2 code reader or have someone who has one read the DTC causing the CEL (check engine light). Many auto parts stores will read the DTC for free. If you have a smart phone there are free and very inexpensive apps that will allow you to read and clear the DTCs using a cheap bluetooth OBD2 adapter.


Torque for android
Dashcommand for ios

... or we could guess, throw darts at a list of possible causes, etc.
This sounds like way more fun. Couple more beers and I'll have some very interesting causes.

Seriously...get the codes read.
I'll start!

My guess is that it has something to do with the CEL. :)
Hopefully. I've always had great success with OBDII DTCs pinpointing the problem, unlike OBDI where there would often be multiple DTCs and you had to guess which one was the actual cause.
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