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won't go in gear

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91 sedan deville,4.9. Sometimes when i put it in drive it will not engage.....I have to go from low to drive, and reverse, and park , finally it will "clunk" and engage. But the shifter is tight, so I dont think the linkage is loose. Ideas?
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Assuming that the oil level is OK, the filter in the transmission may be restricting the oil pick up, and may need changing. (Simple things first.) Is the oil the correct red color, or more brown? The oil shouldn't have a sort of burnt smell.
My manual says that many transmission problems are related to linkage problems Detents in the transmission and the detents in the shifter linkage need to match, like no tension between the trans and shifter when it's in any selected range. When you say the shifter is "tight", that may not mean what you think it does. A little bit of tension could make it seem tight.
Do the simple things/checks first.:thumbsup:
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