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I need help desciding on my personal plate for my Fleetwood. I can only have max of 6 letters, and 1 space or hyphen.

I want to call the car my Caddy-Wampas(catty-wom-pus) but I am not sure if it sould be wampus or wampus or wampas or wompas???

right now I am thinking wompus, because I believe people will pronounce it properly that way. Like spelling Oregon - Orygun, to get the proper sound.

anywayz, then since caddywompas means off kilter or askew, should I have the six letters centered, or offset(caddywompas) to ther right of the plate with a space in front of the word.

Or to tell people "hey u need something in front of this word", I could have -wompus.

So you'd see it is a Caddy and then read

Thanks for your advice, and incase you wanted to know, Here is the URL for the platemaker.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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