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I recently acquired a 95 FWB with 62k original miles. She is a creampuff except for a few things. My biggest concern is that when starting out from a light with a normal acceleration, the rear of the car wobbles side-to-side significantly from 9-16mph (first gear?) and gradually dies out around 25mph, this happens in the same speed band upon deceleration only not as bad. The car rides smooth as glass from 25 or so up to 60mph, after 60 there is a noticeable shake up to 75mph and after 75 the faster you go the smoother the ride. Both of these situations are engine RPM and braking independent.

This has me puzzled so i am going to attempt a few things. First off is a replacement of u-joints, the ones in there are original (nylon injected) and i really dont see how these would be bad with such low miles but it is worth a shot... after replacing u-joints i might as well get the driveshaft balanced (may take care of the high speed vibration). I am also going to do a tranny filter/fluid change.

Do any of you have any additional opinions on the situation? Suggestions? It is much appreciated!
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