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I've checked some websites and found some basic diagrams, but cannot find any detailed wiring diagrams for the lower front LED/Cornering Lamps on the '18-'19 Premium Luxury/Platinum/V-Sport.

I'm looking to replace my XTS Luxury lower LED lamps with lamps from the Premium Luxury/Platinum/V-Sport. Those higher trim levels have cornering lamps in addition to the LEDs, contained in the same housing.

In my car's lamps, there are three wires in a row on the lower row of the plug ... one is a ground and I'm guessing the other two are the low and high output of LED lights. On the versions with the cornering lamps, there are two additional wires on the upper row. I don't know what those wires do exactly.

I realize that I may not be able to just "plug and play" the new lamps into my existing wiring harness by adding the additional wires to a junction further up the wiring harness (or replacing a section of wiring harness). I'm considering a relay setup similar to the Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 1970s-1980s. That relay receives power from a switched source (when the car is running) and is also connected to the turn signal for that side. When the turn signal starts flashing, it trips the relay and sends power to the cornering lamp. When the turn signal stops flashing, the relay turns off (after a 1-2 second delay) and thus, the cornering lamp turns off.

I've added cornering lamps to other cars in the past using the relay setup and it's not overly complicated. But these newer cars are way more complicated.

For the past 22 years, every car I've driven has had cornering lamps (usually standard to the car). I really like the extra light when turning.

Does anyone have any resources for more detailed wiring diagrams?
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