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Wiring Diagram for 96 Eldorado

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Does anyone have the wiring diagram for a 1996 Eldorado? I'm trying to trace wires to find out what is pulling 3AMP's from the battery when the car is not running (draining the battery). Seems to be coming from the fuse in the trunk labelled COMFORT (AC, power windows, PZM, CD player, etc). A diagram would really hep me out.
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I have diagrams for lights, fuel, and fan relays. Sorry, no diagrams for fuse blocks. I did recently find a drain of my own. I knew it was coming from my Body2 fuse in the trunk. For a while I went without that fuse in, meaning no power mirrors, retained acc power, and no keyless entry. What I found...two wires were snapped clean. They were between the large harness on the left hand trunk wall and the small moving harness coming from the trunk lid. Hope that helps.
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