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1993 Cadillac STS
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Just like the title says. Is there anything else I should know before I start wiring? I've been reading thru some topics and I read something about not cutting the data-bus wire and using an adaptor to retain chime. The radio was unhooked for the ride to the store so anything going to, from or thru the radio from the ECU wasn't getting where it was supposed to the go if this is true about the data-bus; not sure but this may be only for newer cars. I've run the speaker, power, REM and RCA wires so far and the stock Bose deck is out (Fun trip to the store with no tunes); what I've got left is to remove the rear deck and install the 6x9s, make boxes for the front speakers and you guessed it, wire up the deck! I could run the power, ground and REM for the deck but I was hoping I could save the time by using the stock HUs wiring. Any help is appriciated.

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