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Wipers now signals,Help! 1999 Eldorado

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Wipers started acting up.Only way to get to hide is turn off ignition.Then about two weeks later no signals.Flashers work but no turn signals.
1999 Eldorado ETC :banghead:
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Wiper issue described is extremely strange to me. The wipers should NOT work other than ACC and RUN. The power to the wiper motor comes from the 30A Wipers fuse (Engine compartment driver’s side fuse center) thro the wiper switch. For the wipers to retract they need power, with the ignition OFF there is no power to the motor.
Test this: Disconnect the C2 connector from the motor (C2 is the one with 3 wires). The BK wire is the ground, the PPL wire is High Speed (12V+ with the wiper switch set to HIGH) and the other wire (YE/BK) is low speed, should have 12V + any time when the motor works on low speed (i.e. LOW or any intermittent functions and mist).
Also test your Wipers fuse, you should not have power except in ACC and RUN.

As for the turning signal/4 way flashers there are 2 different systems. If your turning signal does not work in any direction the fist I would check is the turn fuse (20A trunk compartment – driver’s side behind the rear seat rest under the liner – if you seat in the rear seat driver’s side the fuses are located between your shoulders on the other side of the back rest in the trunk). Next to the fuses is a sticker, look for the one called “TURN” (should be red in color). If the fuse checks then the next is the turning signal flasher. This is located about 3 inches right from the hood release handle behind the plastic panel with the light from the driver’s foot well. You need to remove that plastic panel (2 screws one on each side). Is a black cube thing with 3 wires attached and a metal spring-clip that hold it secure.

But any way, about the wiper issue…99% sure the issue is your park switch located inside the wiper motor.
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