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Wiper problems

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Can't figure this one out. My windshield wipers have worked great, better than any other vehicle I have been in. However, I just did a road trip in the rain and something strange started happening after using the wipers for about 2 hours. They started to jump across the windshield and rubber was coming off the wipers and sticking to the windshield. I had these black streaks all over the windshield like the wipers were disentegrating. I didn't let the wipers run over a dry windshield for any long period of time. In fact, it was pouring when this started.

I went to Capitol Cadillac in Marietta, GA and bought a pair of premium wiper blades as replacements. The old blades didn't look bad and they were only 6 months old. So, I put the new blades on, got the rubber off the windshield with adhesive remover, and wiped it down with Windex afterwards. I headed back to D.C. in the rain and after about 3 hours they started sticking to the windshield again! :banghead:

This is really annoying and I spent $56 for these "premium" wiper blades. My windshield doesn't appear to have anything on it. Has anyone else had a problem similar to this?

2003 Escalade, 27K miles
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Try rubbing alcohol wipe down on your windshield, then use glass cleaner. Did this happen to both wipers, or just one? Your wiper blades are not bent in anyway, are they?
Actually, I just got off the phone with a service tech at Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, VA. He told me to use Bon Ami cleaner on the windshield to remove contaminants from road spray. He told me alot of manufacturers are having problems related to mine. Bon Ami has a very light abrasive in it to get out the embedded contaminants in the windshield and it won't harm the paint. The tech went on to say I should not use Rain Ex because it will make it worse. Good info.

Bon-Ami will work too. :)
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