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winter will be here soon and this will be my first winter with my 02STS my question is how good is the car in th snow any input thanks.
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As long as your tires are good, I think you'll find your '02 to be quite safe and reliable, even in very foul weather. If you should happen to defy the laws of physics, however, and find yourself stuck in a snow pile or ditch, that is what the 'traction off' button near your shifter is for. If you leave the traction on, you'll be there until the snow melts trying to get out!
Sounds about right... I did a pretty good job last winter with my 00' STS. Problem now is my tires are getting bad. I would have new ones but I dont have the money to replace my vogues with new ones. And of course that's all I want =/. So hopefully it wont be too bad. Also make sure to let the car warm up a minute or 2 during really cold days.

My '02 SLS, was unbelievable last winter. At no time did I ever lose traction. The car felt more stable in the snow, than all of my previous 4x4 trucks that I have owned. I wanted to see if I could spin the car out, but never got around to it. I will be checking this next winter. You will be very pleased with the snow performance of your car.

I never had any problems with my 99 SLS. Only one storm happened since I bought the car. In the storm, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it to slide or anything. I'm sure you'll be fine.
I bought my SLS in the middle of winter. i live in nothern michigan, and we have had quite a few storms. it handles great. I also have the stabilitrak on mine and i have not been able to slide out from underneath me yet!

I've got to agree with Dadillac. Our Seville's handle better in snow and ice than any SUV. The only SUV i've ever driven in winter is my mom's 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and that is also the only vehicle my family has gotten stuck in snow more than once.
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