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Windshield Weatherstripping?

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The piece of waether stripping at the top of my windshield keeps pullin up and out while im driving on the highway. Any shop ive had my car in and asked them about it has been of no help. At first it was just the corner but today when i got in from work it was stickin up halfway across my windshield. Anyone know what this part is called or where i can find a new one?

Thanks in advance,
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Don't get a new one, Just reglue it unless its damanged.
It is in fact glued and not just pressed in? No one seemed to have that answer for me around town.. There is a small crack in it now but I think with some fresh glue it will be fine.

Try some black silicon sealer, work well and you won't notice it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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