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Here are the repair steps from the FSM:

1) Remove the right front fascia extension. (The fascia extension is the lower part of the inner fender on the right side.
2) Disconnect the washer hose from the washer pump.
3) Disconnect the electrical connector from the washer pump.
4) Disconnect the electrical connector from the washer solvent level sensor.
5) Remove the 3 nuts from the washer solvent container.
6) Remove the washer solvent container from the vehicle.

Just reverse the steps to reinstall.

Like Ranger said, it would probably also be easier to remove the lower air deflector to give you more working space.
Is it possible to show by pictures or a video of the removal of the windshield washer reservoir on my 2005 Cadillac sedan deville vintage edition. Also there is a part number for the reservoir? My son picked one up from an auction house & he was for a 2005 suburban? It was made in Vitnam has a raised part no. Of 17039 on it. It says water reservoir and the no. 603-10 on the box. Thank you Lyle "Skip" Monson Sr Mesa, AZ PHONE or Text 602 770-6934.


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Here's a link to the washer reservoir for that car in RockAuto.

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