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Windshield Replaced -- now wiper clearance problems

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Hi All -

I just had to have my windshield replaced on my 97 Seville STS. Besides the fact that they tried to reattach my rainsense wiper sensor with double stick tape -- I am having wiper clearance issues. The wipers used to fit in nicely under the hood of the car. Now the wipers are too tall to go all the way back in under the hood.

Currently right at the highest part of the wiper, the windshield/hood clearance is 1 1/4 inches. My wipers are 1 1/2 inches tall....

Did they use thicker glass than factory?? Are there any known wipers that I can get which would have that low of a clearance??


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You need to figure out where the clearance went. Something must have gotten reinstalled wrong. Have you complained to the installer?
Yeah, something is not right. Considering they tried to use tape to reinstall the rain sensor:rolleyes:, you might complain to your insurance and they will have someone more competent fix it, not to mention no longer using these butchers.
Thanks -- I'll call Safelite tomorrow. I'm still within the warranty period so I don't expect an issue. I'll ask about the rain sensor as well.:bigroll:
My experience with windshield replacement was horrible as well.. Funny it has to do with safelite too... 1st windshield the trim pieces were past the edge of the glass so you could easily cut yourself off it.. Took awhile to get the car back for a fix... They thought the glass was too short so they suggested replacement.. of course it took them 3 windshields that day to get the trim pieces to cover and my rainsensor doesnt work anymore.. And to be honest I think their glass is crap.. The wipers dont seem to run on the glass right (and I have replaced them a few times now).. And water certainly doesnt hit it right.. Just blotches up and makes things worse.. Id have to say I probably wont be visiting them for my next replacement thats for sure.

i had mine replaced too.
got the glass from
the windshield was made in canada
if you got ppg glass, guess where is it now made (china)

oem glass is thicker and tolerences are better

had a local installer do it, not one of those van companys that drive miles to get to your house

also got the moulding from this web site too
everything went back together like clockwork.

remember the ole saying
u get what u pay for
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