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Windsheild Tint, very sad...

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Went to get the front windows tinted to match the rear like is did on my 2010. Turns out the windows had a light tint on them already from the prior owner. So I had them remove the light tint and do the match, looks great.

Now the sad part. Finally received my new registration and went to remove temporary Inspection sticker. As I went to scrape of the old sticker, the blade felt weird. By the time I realized that the windshield was tinted I did some nice scrape damage to the incredible existing tint job that was on the car. :banghead:

Questions for any tinters out there or answers from anyone who had tinted the windshield.
1. Is there a way to repair the area, possibly by placing a 6x8 over the area, make a 5x7 cut over the scraped up area, then remove the messed up piece and replace with new.
2. How does anyone deal with the replacement of the Inspection and Registration sticker when the time comes.

I could not believe there was any tint on the front, it was totally invisible, if I did not screw it up, I would of had no idea it was there. Again it is a very, very light tint. I can see it helping with heat and possibly some sun glare.

Please chime in....
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I would remove any tint on the windshield if it were me.


I would just remove the tint on the windshield if it were me.
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