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Window switch problems

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Anyone else have similar issues? the switches for the two rear windows intermittently do not function when operated from the drivers' door. Either I depress them and they do not do anything, or they stop midway through rolling the windows up or down. I took it to the dealer that I bought the car from (twice) and both times they told me that the window codes were garbled and they had to "reteach" the car the codes. The same probem recurred after each repair. I then took it to a second dealer and they replaced the master switch in the drivers door. Took it home and still had the same problem. Took it back to the second dealer, and they called Detroit and were told that they've been experiencing some problems where some of the connections in the door panels work loose, causing this issue. So the dealer pulled off my door panels and tightened the connections. I picked up the car and. . . . same problem still recurs. The dealer said they were at a loss and will contact Detroit again to see if they can locate another fix. Really not excited about a fifth trip to get this fixed. . . . .
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You need to locate 3will3rd here or on the Vette forum. Very sharp technician. Try a search. He is also at a big GM dealership and has access to all kinds of TSBs, etc.
I have the same problem with the rear right window. some times it worka fine and other times it is intermitent. Let me know if you find a fix.
I had the same problem - right rear window worked intermittantly, then finally wouldn't go down. They replaced the switch and then one day the right rear window went down without pressing any switches and refused to go back up. In the pouring rain. On a Friday afternoon. They eventually replaced the body computer after much troubleshooting. No issues since. If I could get them to fix the flickering ambient lighting I would be happy but that is another story...
Thanks guys. Still haven't heard back from the dealer, so I will probably call him tomorrow. He was supposed to be contacting Detroit for more troubleshooting. I'm guessing the people in Detroit have a few other things on their minds these days. Louie and Keith, were your problems with the master switch on the drivers door, or with the switches on the rear doors only? Mine seems to only be a problem with the drivers door master switch. the up/down switches on the rear doors themsleves seem to work fine.
I couldn't get my rear window to go back up no matter which switch I tried. When I got to the dealer, they were able to get the window to go up and down using a diagnostic hand held tool, but not with the switches. I would have thought that the driver master and individual window switches controlled the windows as part of a simple electric circuit directly to the motor, but it appears that they only create an open / closed circuit that is interpretted by the body computer which in turn tells the window to go up or down. At least that is the way it appears to me anyway.
Anyone find a fix? I'm having the same issue.
Anyone find a fix? I'm having the same issue.
Hello the_b0ss,

Welcome to Cadillac Owners! I am sorry to hear of the vehicle concern you are experiencing. We handle each customer on a case-by-case basis. I would like the opportunity to further discuss your situation with you. Please send me a private message with your full contact information, VIN and current mileage. I look forward to hearing from you.


Laura M.
Cadillac Customer Care
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