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Window problem

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Kinda wierd problem. I took my car to the shop to have new wires put in. I got it back and now my rear passenger window doesnt work. You can hear the motor go up and down, but the glass doesn't move. However, u can move the glass with your hands, not super light but its possible. Anybody know how to fix the problem. Im thinkin that the spot where the motor connects to the glass is somehow unattached...hopefully not broken. Anyone know how to fix this(myself)? And if i have to take off the panel, which i would, how do you do that as well? thanx
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I just had the same problem, same window. There is a plastic bracket that rides in a track pulled by a cable that is broke. When I first took my door panel off to see what the problem was, it seemed that the plastic bracket needed to rotate during operation, so I dismissed the idea of fixing the bracket and put the door panel back on. I got a used window regulator a few weeks later for $100. Thank God the window stayed up by itself.:worship: A new one will cost you around $500.:shocked2: Ironically, the bracket on the used regulator has a crack in the same place:thepan: , which makes me pretty sure yours is broke. Looking at the one I took out, I think it can be repaired. The bracked does not rotate as I thought at first glance. You will have to take it out, and with a little ingenuity and some machine screws you should be able to repair the one you have. You will need a drill and a pop rivet gun, since the regulator is riveted in. I think I will patch up the one I took out, because it is only a matter of time before the one I put in breaks.

Interesting note, will looking at the service manual to do the window repair, there was instructions for programing the windows for express operation in the event that you disconnect/lose power. I've had to program the sun roof a few times but never knew to program the windows, since they still worked. I was thinking that this might be causing extra stress on the bracket.

Good luck
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