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Window motor and spring. Is it safe to? help

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I have a 96 STS with a window motor that makes a clicking sound when it is rolled all the way up or sometimes in the middle of rolling it up. The switch works. I read in the poorly written shop manual about that large coil spring next to the motor assembly. If I take the motor out will that spring uncoil and take my fingers off? If you have had this clicking noise before, was it the motor assembly or more? (p.s. Please don't respond with the slam the door trick, that is not the problem.)
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Yes I have this same exact problem on my '89. Window up to max""
And down exactly two inches on all 3 windows and same exact noise....
I was told the motors were bad. That's kinda expensive for 3 new motors.
So I would like a second opinion also....Thanx
The motors have a worm gear and ring gear setup inside of them.
Often when the worm gear strips the motor will run and then make a ratcheting noise and the window will stop moving.
The only way to fix it is to replace the motor.
If it has the coil spring on the regulator and the service procedure calls for removal of the regulator, yes that thing certainly can take your fingers off.
I almost broke my hand on one a few years ago working on a GMC Suburban endgate. I thought I had shattered some very important bones in my hand but it turns out that milk does the body good. ;)
(it still hurt... bad)

At any rate, there are ways to remove the spring once the regulator is out of the car. They make a special tool for it, but I can never find it so I have a method that works with a couple pairs of vice grips.
Some cars let you change the motor right in the door.
Some require special rivets for reassembly.
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That's what I am worried about. It seems like the gear and coil mechanism stay in the car and the motor/regulator come out with three screws. Has anyone taken it out on this car before? I don't want to touch it till I am sure what to do and what will happen. Meanwhile, I will be driving around with the door panel off. :ill:
If it is the style that has 3 bolts on it and the regulator stays in the door then you have nothing to worry about.
The motor will come right out and go back in.

IF the regulator had to come out of the door for service then you'd have an issue.
I actually like doing the "bolt in" ones.
Fast and easy.
Am I right in thinking that the motor and the regulator are one unit. The motor part has 4 torx bolts and the whole unit comes out with 3 bolts. With the noise it is making I assume I have to take the whole thing out and it is the worm gear or the gear on the back side that makes contact with the half moon large, flat, metal piece that is spring loaded. I really need someone who has taken this apart on this specific car to tell me what will happen if I remove the 3 bolts and pull the whole unit off what will happen. Does the window have to be in the up position so the tension on the mechanism doesn't slam the whole thing once the tension is off the spring? I think it will be the same on a 96 or 97 STS, all other years might not be the same. I have changed the type with the cable before but I have not had to deal with this dam coil spring. :(
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According to the manual, you take off the door panel, remove the 3 bolts on the motor and change it, then put it back together.
I don't think you need to worry about anything else.
Went to Autozone and bought the motor. Problem fixed. I will be posting some tips on how to take off the door panel on a 1996 STS and change the motor, soon. (In a new posting) Thanks for the confidence and info. --AL (Chicago, IL)
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