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Window control module front driver side

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Just installed a new window control module for the driver door that has the memory buttons for seat and mirrors. My 2003 CTS was originally equiped with a module that didn't have the memory buttons. The new module works for remembering the radio channel, transmission setting and the climate control but does not seem to control the position of the seat and mirrors.

All 2 connectors have been pluged in the door behind the trim. Is there a missing wire somewhere in these connectors that causes it not to work like its suposed to? Can anyone help me here?
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i would try to help you but i have no clue what your tying to do:rolleyes:
I think it also has to comunicate with the navi (might be wrong). I have both memory/navi and when i press the memory button it says driver one or driver two on my screen.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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