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will this be bad? (exhaust question)

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I drive a 99 Deville. I cut the old exhausts off and added two magnaflows. I dont have tips or anything on the ends (so it doesnt kill the sound).
Before i had added the magnaflows, i started up the car and gave it some gas. It sounded amazing!
I am thinking about taking off the magnaflows and running with no exhausts from where it splits into two exhausts (where i cut the old ones off), question is, will this be bad? (like harm motor)
I want a more louder/meaner sound on the deville. Thank you in advance
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IF you're going to run without mufflers (cat and resonator only) you need to have a shop do a tasteful install of a pair of pipes and tips as original-looking as possible for 2 reasons: 1. Possible legal problems, and 2. VERY REAL possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust gas under the car. (Too lengthy to discuss, but there are several ways exhaust gas can get back into the passenger compartment from under the trunk area.)

Be prepared for a very noisy, uncomfortable ride, especially at highway speed.

Without mufflers you might, just might set a downstream O2 sensor malfunction code which will fail any emissions test.
Thank you for your post. I guess i will just get a high flow cat and hope it will be louder.
You already have a high flow cat. An aftermarket "high flow" unit will almost certainly set emissions failure codes and "Check Engine" and "Service Engine Soon" messages.

Take a look at drop-in replacements at
Remember that being too loud can deem your car illegal for use on public roadways. :yup:
i already have a high flow cat? seems old and junk lol
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