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Will these wheels and tires fit my SRX

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I have found a great deal on some Foose Speedster 6 wheels 20x 8.5 42 offset and 70.6 bore (made by MHT). They are supposed to be specific wheels for the SRX. Tires are 275-45-20 Nexen (Lexanni) tires.

My SRX is 2007 base model 2WD and I don't this it has TPS.

Thanks for advice.
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Yes, these wheels should fit your SRX. According to the following website, the bolt pattern is 6x115. Very nice wheels, but they were too rich for my blood.

In reference to tires, you are not planning on doing 275 on all four wheels, right?
Yes I am planning to do 275 on all four wheels. Clearance Problem?

I did get a killer deal on the package because the store had mounted tires and tried to install the wheels on a Jeep Cherokee but they didn't fit. The wholesaler would not take tham back so the store sold them to me at a loss. $2150 out the door with tires mounted and balanced and all the lug nuts etc.
You may have clearance problem on the front with 275's. However, I don't know of anyone that has tried it yet. I went with 275's in the back and 255's in the front. It seems most people that went with the same size front and back went with 255's.

I'd love to see some pictures when you get the wheels/tires mounted.
I the limited research I was able to do I thought I saw that the optional GM 20" wheels in the sport package came with 265-45-20 so I'll hope for the best. Thanks for the input and I will post pics once we get the wheels installed on Sunday.
The 07 SRX with the 20" sport package comes with 265-50 x 20 tires. I put aftermarket 20" wheels with the same fitment as the factory 20's and at first had 265-45 x 20 tires mounted. I then had the tires changed to 265-50 x 20 and I much better like the look and the ride of a little more side wall of the 50 series tires. I do know that some have put 275-45 x 20's on all fours, but don't know what offset the wheels they used have. The offset will be the key, have the dealer mount wheels/tires on the front of your vehicle and drop it down and check for any problems.

The offset is 42 and according to the manufacturer these wheels were designed specifically for the SRX. I read another post by a member who is running 265-45-20 with a lowering kit and not having any problems.

Since I don't pick the SRX up until Friday in Portland and don't get back home to Calgary until Sunday it will be a while longer before I find out if I made a mistake.

Thanks again for all your help
There is some guy on here who is running a 275 tire on the front of his SRX, I dont know his offset though. I am the guy with the lowered srx with 265's. With a 42 offset, I am pretty sure they will fit. Mine is lowered 1.4 in the front, with a 35 offset, and they clear perfectly. I think 275's will work. When you first see them you will think there is no way they will fit, but there is a lot of room in those front wheel wells for clearance.
On my 07 SRX with the sport package, I am running four 275/45R20 General Grabber UHP tires on 20" X 9" MB Express Wheels with a 35mm offset.

The front wheels are a close fit, but there is no interference.
Got back home from picking up the SRX in Portland. Trip home was about 900 miles and all I can say is: WHAT A SWEET RIDE!!! :thumbsup:

Tired as I was I couldn't wait to see if the wheels would fit so I put them on a couple hours after we got back. They look GREAT! Tires look close but they do clear when cranking the wheel while it's parked. I will take it out tomorrow after work and see if it's OK in motion. Will also try to post pics. Sleep time now.

You will be fine with 275-45-20's on your SRX...have them on my 2005 (Falken Ziex)...the brand of tires wouldnt have been my first choice but I dont have a problem with them...they were thrown in when I bought my SRX back in March along with 20" Chrome Caddy rims...I much prefer Hankooks which I have had nothing but happiness with on my CTS...can't beat Hankooks for the money...I like a soft summer tire for the traction and all the rain we get down here in the Sunshine State...I will say that I have had alot of after market rims on my cars including Zenetti's on my CTS and the upgraded 20" Caddy rims the dealer put on my SRX has a much smother feel on the steering wheel than any aftermarket rims I have purchased...guess it pays to go with the manufacturer rims which are probably spec'd out to the nth degree for a specific model as opposed to after markets which has to satisfy specs for a number of different cars and manufacturers IMHO...
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