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WiFi here are my thoughts....

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I really liked the idea of having WiFi access in the car. But i hate that it is really a slow connection. My trial ran out today and decided to not renew.
Its a shame the expense is so high. If the amount of usage per month rolled into the following month i would consider paying up for this service.
We took a 3 hr drive each way yesterday from long island to UCONN and back. From the flat lands of long island to the hills of connecticut. The service worked for maybe half the ride at the start and the connection speed was really slow to the point of frustration to no service at all. Even my XM went out for 45 mintues.
Frustrating to say the least !!
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Cheaper to use your LTE phone connection as a hotspot in my opinion. Works great in my car with the kids as they just connect their iPads to my iPhone. Only issue is that if someone calls and it drops the hotspot while I handle the voice call.
I have also found the wifi in the car to be really slow. I see it as totally pointless. It's cheaper to just use the data from my cell phone data plan. The car's wifi speed is much slower than my AT&T iPhone 6 plus. I just turn on the personal hotspot on my iPhone and my kids use it to connect to the web on their iPads. It's odd that the wifi in a bigger fixture like a vehicle is slower than the LTE speeds on my iPhone and both are on the AT&T network.
You can always add the car's phone number to your AT&T data plan for $10.00 per month and it can share the pool of data on your plan. That's another option. OnStar charges too much and in order to get the cheaper data through OnStar, you have to be a paying subscriber which is great for the first year that GM pays for, but after that you're all on your own.
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