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WiFi here are my thoughts....

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I really liked the idea of having WiFi access in the car. But i hate that it is really a slow connection. My trial ran out today and decided to not renew.
Its a shame the expense is so high. If the amount of usage per month rolled into the following month i would consider paying up for this service.
We took a 3 hr drive each way yesterday from long island to UCONN and back. From the flat lands of long island to the hills of connecticut. The service worked for maybe half the ride at the start and the connection speed was really slow to the point of frustration to no service at all. Even my XM went out for 45 mintues.
Frustrating to say the least !!
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I use a Verizon hotspot. Much faster and much cheaper.
The wifi hotspot IMO is old technology 10 years late. I had a T-Mobile HTC phone back in 2003 where you can use it to tether your laptop and use the phone data to use the Internet. Back then it was an unknown source of data income that the phone company can't figure out how they can charge you. Now all phone comes with a data plan and if you have a family plan, you are given a FREE hotspot capability. I have data in my mercedes GLK and the Internet despite being Verizon is very slow. The iPhone data 4GLTE is faster and if it's a no charge with ATT that's ok. But if it's an extra $20 per month just to use it, I would rather use my phone as hotspot.
I think AT&T is charging $10 per gig. My shared VZW plan is much better.
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