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This is really wierd and I almost thought it was the tranny but then the problem appears to be related to the Climate controls (??!!!) - here is my diagnosis ...

1. Climate Control set to circulate inside air (second button) : I come to a full stop, take off and here this wierd rattling noise from under the truck - noise stays intermittent for a few seconds and goes away completely - only comes back when I come to a full stop and take off again.

2. Climate Control set to outside air (first button) : Noise is completely gone - truck drive normal under all stop and go conditions. Now while driving less than about 30 mph, if I suddenly press the Circulate inside air button, I hear the noise for a second and it then goes away.

Before, I bring out the work clothes and attempt to fix this, does anyone know about this problem or any idea what it is??

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