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Widening stock wheels

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OK, I want to widen my stock wheels for DR . How much can I widen them with out rubbing, like with maybe 285/40/18 drag radials. Not sure what tire size yet, Just want to know the max I can widen them.
I'm getting some chrome wheels for street use & going to take my stock wheel for drag strip use , So I would like to widen the rears for wider tires.
And before you start talking about what I'm going to do with the diff with that kinda traction, Damian has my V now doing complete rear end build with Drive shaft , Axles ect. When done it's supposed to be able to put down the power, And if it works out I'll be ready to do a major engine build.
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I believe the widest you can go is 9.25" with a small spacer (do a search on the forum, its been mentioned several times). HOWEVER, still be very careful on how wide the tire is and make sure it is not rubbing the suspension linkage; that is where you will run into problems.
9.25" is about the max you can go without further modification & you will probably need a spacer as well. Give me a few more days for a different set up... :)
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