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caddylacgirl96 said:
i need help on selecting o2 sensors for the 2 manifold ones.... any suggestions would be appreciated
You need AC-Delco O2 sensors, part number AFS109. They are about $70 each at The Bosch sensors are part number 13-474 for $68 bucks each. I would go with the Delcos personally, because they are original equipment. This all assumes you're talking about either Bank 1 Sensor 1 or Bank 2 Sensor 1. To change them, you'll need an O2 sensor socket and a long extension for the rear one. The front one is pretty easy to get to with either no extension or a 3" one.

Let us know what you wind up doing and how it turns out. Good luck!

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Thanks again. Bought them online should be here 5-7 days lol replaced my power antenna earlier tonight.. that wasnt too bad, had to fabricate the mounting bracket though. I usually do all of my own work anyways but this will be my first fwd car ever, so its kinda throwing me off that everything is sideways lol
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